Southeast Asia Development Program (SADP)

Southeast Asia Development Program (SADP) is a responsible and innovative grant maker that funds and supports inclusive socioeconomic development and environmental health in Cambodia and the region. We work towards sustainable equitable community development. Our Vision is a world where the environment and people’s rights are respected. Our Mission is to be a responsible grant maker.

Founded in 1994, and headquartered in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, SADP has an intimate understanding of Southeast Asian countries and their specific development needs and challenges. Since 2013 we have adopted the role of an intermediary funder supporting partner organizations in Cambodia. SADP supports a suite of programs that focus on achieving inclusive equitable socioeconomic development through grounded grassroots approaches at community level. We also provide capacity support to our partners to strengthen their governance frameworks, organizational structures and human capability. Utilizing innovative, mutually reinforcing approaches in conjunction with our partners SADP is committed to contributing to the achievement of equal opportunity, equality before the law and social justice in Cambodia and the region.

We are proud to be the intermediary funder in Cambodia for the McKnight Foundation, a well-respected, philanthropic foundation based in Minnesota, USA, and as such SADP has US501c3 public charity status. To maximize our positive impact and contribution to the common good SADP is continually look for ways to operate more effectively and collaboratively. As a lean grant maker we continually strive to minimize our costs and presently only spend 7% of our budget on management and fundraising overheads.

Since the root causes of many socioeconomic issues in developing nations increasingly lie outside the sovereign borders of individual countries SADP believes that for philanthropic efforts to have maxim impact in developing nations such efforts should be coordinated across borders. To this end we are working to forge new strategic partnerships in Southeast Asia with like-minded organizations that share a commitment to sustainable inclusive equitable socioeconomic development. SADP intends to expand its focus by working collaboratively with other funders across Southeast Asia to initiate a shift in philanthropic practice that will benefit peoples across the region.

SADP believes that working collaboratively with other funders in the region is critical for deepening its impact at the community level and on the sustainable development of an inclusive equitable Cambodia while simultaneously supporting Cambodia’s socioeconomic integration into the region and across the globe.